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Chi Nei Tsang Massage
Chi Nei Tsang (energy massage of the internal organs) is a therapeutic massage rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Its powerful techniques are applied over the navel and surrounding abdominal area where stress, tensions and negative emotions accumulate over the years and are seldom dispersed. Unlike other massages, Chi Nei Tsang works directly on your organs, detoxifies and strengthens them giving you a new sense of wellbeing and fast track to recover a global health.

During the session
During the session you will be lying on a table. The abdominal area is uncovered, as the massage is given directly on the skin, using oil when needed. First, the navel area is opened; the same way you open the window before dusting a room, so that the toxins can get out. Then the organs are massaged, starting with the large and small intestines and moving on to the stomach, pancreas,liver, gallbladder or kidneys, to detoxify and revitalize them.

Here are some of the results you can expect:
  • Stress reduction
  • Lightness and aliveness in your belly
  • Harmonious digestion
  • Relaxed lower back
  • Reduction of PMS and menopause symptoms
Help yourself
The philosophy of Chi Nei Tsang is to give you the tools to look after yourself and take full responsibility for your health. The main role of the Chi Nei Tsang practitioner is educator and not healer: he or she will teach you how to heal yourself by providing insights into your own immense, internal healing powers. During the session, you will be shown the areas of tension and how to massage them yourself, as well as different techniques of energy meditation, which will accelerate your healing process. (Organ Meditation)

Acknowledgments to Mantak Chia and The Universal Tao System

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