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Jade Egg history
The use of a jade egg remained secret in ancient China and was taught only to the empress and the concubines. Originally, these practices were implemented for improving health, not only physically but also spiritually, since these exercises provide more power to the perineum to lift the creative energy inward and upward where it will be transformed into higher spiritual energy.

What is a jade egg?
Jade is a luminous stone highly valued in the ancient Chinese culture for its healing power. Smooth and non-porous it is one of the hardest crystals and will not break easily if boiled (for cleaning) or dropped (when standing). The egg is drilled to accommodate a string used to help locate it and remove it.
In general a medium size egg is good for almost every woman. When a woman has a narrow pelvis and does not yet have children, a small sized jade egg is good to start with, while women who have a wider pelvis can train with a bigger egg first.

What does it serve?
Using a jade egg is an easy way to improve your health and prevent problems caused by weak vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. Practicing regularly helps to diminish pre-menstrual symptoms, repetitive infections and ease fuller recovery after birth by regaining tightness and sensitivity. These exercises will also help with menopause, organ prolapse and incontinence.
By learning how to use a jade egg, you will contribute to your overall vitality, enjoyment of life and positive body image.

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